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TantraLove Academy

Join the TantraLove Academy and attend 100+ Live workshops each month with over 40 amazing teachers across the globe!

  • Discover the World of Tantra for Men who Love Men Online. 
  • We have the world’s best Tantra and Spiritual Teachers!
  • Recorded sessions so you can catch up later.  
  • Each workshop is unique but they all have one value in common…love! 
  • Just like the TantraLove Festival but online!




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5 Great Reasons To Join Us:

  1. Meet other men interested in tantra both local or anywhere you go. 
  2. Discover new ideas, and techniques from a top international team of Tantra Teachers. 
  3. Learn more about Tantra as a modern form, it's all about your relationship to your body and life! 
  4. Be part of a New Community of Like Minded Men where you can swap photos, stories, experiences and ideas.
  5. Discover our events both Online and Residencial.

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