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Hello and Welcome to my website, Jason Tantra.
This website is well, all about Tantra and my personal journey and experience of over 26 years. I started to work with energy when I was 18 and from there an incredible journey of spiritual and sexual development that has brought here. I’m able to offer you the years of my experience in both Tantra and in life to help you live more ecstatic, more beautiful, more free and loving lives. Where ecstasy and bliss are regular occurrences and feeling free is your natural state. 
Tantra is an ancient practice with its roots in hinduism and buddhism, but in its modern context adapt to help and support you in the right here and right now. Tantra can offer you ice changing experiences that touch in your heart, touch you life in very profound and amazing ways. 
I’m happy to offer you Free Videos talking about Tantra, giving you Free exercises to try at home and ideas on how to integrate Tantra into your day to day lives. If you want to be the 1st to see these, just subscribe to uTube Channel
It doesn't matter if you describe yourself as gay, bisexual, straight or none of these at all. If you are a man you are very welcome to experience any of my services I offer. I offer a wide range of services from Tantric Massage, Tantric Rituals, Tantra BDSM, Holiday Companionship, Sex Coaching for Sexual Issues and Professional Training.
If you have any questions or anything I can help me please do Email Me and I will be only to happy to answer. I really hope you enjoy my website and I look forward to the opportunity of meeting you. Love Jason xxx

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