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Tantra4GayMen is based in the USA and UK/Europe, Australia and South Africa. We are a Tantra school dedicated to the personal, sexual and spiritual development of men who love men. Started in 2008, we have been on a rapid path of growth. We offer Courses and Events across the UK, USA, Australia and South Africa together and have a global team making our offerings.

To date 12,000+ men have attended courses or events with us, coming from all over the world.

Our Team

Tantra4GayMen is a multi-faceted organisation with many people helping behind the scenes.

Jason and his partner Ingo are the lead Tantra Teachers with overall responsibility for the development of Tantra4GayMen.

We have a team of 4 teachers offering weekend workshops in the USA and UK/Europe. In addition, we have Facilitators who offer monthly Tantra Events in New York, Miami, Tampa, Sarasota, San Francisco, Brisbane, Melbourne, London, Leeds, Manchester and Brighton.

We are also blessed with a global back office team behind the scenes who help to make possible all of our offerings to you.

Our Vision

Our Vision is quite simple. We want to offer men who love men alternative spaces where sex and spirituality come together offering complete connection with love and the universal energy through Tantra. This being a spiritual journey to realise the truth of oneself.

Our Aims

Our aim is to lead men who love men through development of their spiritual, sexual and personal selves. We do this by offering a range of courses and events that develop in intensity and connection with energy throughout each course.

We are committed and passionate to provide ongoing spaces for men to explore Tantra whether through courses, events or by other means. We actively encourage and provide mechanisms to develop relationships with fellow tantric’s connected through love.

We believe that Tantra is like an onion in that it has so many layers. It offers development spiritually, sexually and personally. No longer should our sexuality depend on our looks, our age or who we are as people, but accessing parts of ourselves that are deeply rooted in love, intimacy and connection to a point where you are accepted just as you are. Where you are perfect just as you are. Where all of you, your physical, mental and spiritual being is combined together to be who you truly are.

We offer you opportunities to develop your open mind, a desire to know more of yourself and a heart that wants to connect with itself and with others.

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