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Teacher Coach Training

The Tantra Teacher Coach Training will give you the skills and experience to hold transformative space for others using both Tantra techniques and practices integrated with psychotherapeutic models of understanding. This will be one of the most profound, intense and rewarding training programmes you could ever gift yourself. And it is all geared to you learning how to create profound, ethical, safe, informed and life transforming spaces whether that be for individuals, couples or groups.

The Tantra Teacher & Coach Training is a comprehensive series of training that gives you the skills, knowledge and experience to hold transformative spaces of Tantra for others. This training can support you in working with clients on a one to one basis, couples, as a Workshop Facilitator and a Tantra Teacher. This training can also integrate with other modalities and concepts and equally be a “body of knowledge” that as a Tantra Hobbyist, would greatly add to your pool of experience and skills.

This Tantra Teacher & Coach Training is in 3 main segments.
One Segment – The Diploma in Tantra – your personal journey.
Second Segment – Foundational Teacher / Coach Training.

Third Segment – An intensive Coach and/or Teacher Training module.

As a whole, this combined, multi-discipline training will offer you valuable insights about your personal journey into Tantra and will uplevel or start your ability to serve as you hold spaces of profound depth for yourself and others.

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