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TantraLove Festival 2024

    • Start: 5pm, Saturday, 24 August 2024
    • Finish: 3pm, Wednesday, 28 August 2024
    • Residential: 8am to 11pm each day
    • Location: EarthSpirit Centre in Glastonbury, UK
    • Price: Circa £959 (Ticket: £539, Food: £185 & Lodging: Varies). Instalments Available






Join Us for a 5 Day Celebration of Love and Tantra!

The TantraLove Festival is a 5 day residential event in Glastonbury, UK It is an annual event where men who love men can explore themselves. Here you can indulge in sensual pleasure, grow spiritually, explore erotic bodies and have mind-blowing once-in-a-lifetime experiences. Featuring a bursting programme, of 4 workshops happening in parallel you’ll be able to take it all at your own pace. The Festival is about fun, love, sensuality, spirituality and your sexual self.


  • Feel loved, welcomed, Included and part of a new tribe / family that loves you. 
  • Learn many new things about yourself by attending workshops. 
  • You are going to make a whole heap of new friends connected in Love. 
  • Experience yourself in new ways in a wide range of workshops.  
  • Discover and Be the true You; the festival vibe encourages your freedom.

You will never go home the same …. which is the best gift!


  • Over 40 workshops: Massage, Touch, Sensuality, Tantra, Meditation, Yoga & More. 
  • Hosted by Jason & Ingo Tantra and International Talented Teacher Friends.   
  • 24 Hour Spa with Indoor Hot Pool and outdoor Jacuzzi’s & Sauna.
  • Opening / Closing Ceremonies, Orientation Session and Daily Meetings. 
  • Chill Out Spaces; Tea Lounge with Sofas, Love Lounge, Cosy Quiet Corners, Woods and Fields.


Days start with Morning Meditation and Yoga – we have laid on a programme of beautifully facilitated meditations both active and silent, and of different styles of yoga, so there are plenty of new things to learn and every day is different. The choice is yours!.

Then it’s time for our Buffet Breakfast – hang out with your friends and have your breakfast wherever you’d like.

After breakfast, we will hold our Morning Meeting in which teachers will present their workshops of the day – so you know exactly what’s on offer.

This is followed by the day’s first selection of Tantra Workshop Sessions in the five themed areas – see below for an idea of what awaits you.

Then it’s for Lunch, followed by some Free Time to hang out in the spa or do whatever your heart desires.

At our festivals, each participant is assigned to a Family – a group of guys who will be your buddies for the Festival time. In the early afternoon, the families come together for an hour to share and spend some time together. Many festival-goers say that this is the time where the best friendships are forged!

Then, in the afternoon, another selection of Tantra Workshop Sessions in the five themed areas – again see below for the variety of workshops you can expect.

This is followed by Dinner with dessert.

After Dinner, it’s time for a selection of Tantra Workshop Sessions and Evening Entertainment – these evening sessions are often very special rituals to go deep and celebrate!

After that, from about 10.30pm, time to indulge in the late evening and hang out – in the Spa and Sauna, in the Coffee Bar, or in our specially created Love Lounge where you can meet others to cuddle, touch, and exchange massage.

The great thing about the festival is Choice! We offer you a full programme of many different types of workshops. Often we offer 3 to 4 workshops in parallel, and we try to vary the programme as much as possible. When you arrive we will give you a programme, and we recommend taking some time out to read through all the workshop offerings and select those workshops that appeal to you. Then as you move through your days, you are free to choose, maybe the workshops you chose work well, or instead it is time for a rest or maybe attend a different workshop. The choice is absolutely yours.

Each year is unique and different. For you to get an idea, here are some of the workshops we have had over the last few years:

We have zero expectations of you. What we want to provide you with is choice. You can choose to do as many workshops as possible, or none at all. You are free to take a morning out and sit in the lounge area and drink tea, or to take time out for an afternoon nap. We want you to have the best time, and sometimes that is about every workshop and at other times about taking time out to let it all soak in.

We do ask you to attend a 1 hour family sharing per day as your only commitment. At our festivals, each participant is assigned to a Family – a group of guys who will be your buddies for the Festival time. In the early afternoon, the families come together for an hour to share and spend some time together. Many festival-goers say that this is the time when the best friendships are forged! It is also a place of support. Sometimes even though the best of intentions are about celebration, we all carry life histories and when we come to the subjects of intimacy, sensuality, sexuality or spirituality, things can sometimes come up for you. And your family is there to support you and to listen to you. A place where you can share what is coming up for you.

After breakfast, we will hold our Morning Meeting in which teachers will present their workshops of the day – so you know exactly what’s on offer. This is a great way to keep in touch with the news. Where announcements are made and a chance to touch base with everyone at the festival.

About 90% of men that attend come on their own. Many of those have partners back at home, and some don’t. And of those coming on their own, about half of them are brand new, and will be nervous like you. And they will also be wanting to make new friends and to share with you. We create a unique environment of fun, love and celebration.

The TantraLove Festival celebrates love, relaxation and fun in a variety of ways.

We have created the programme in a way that enables you to meet as many persons and to create new relationships of friendship and in all ways that fills your heart. Typically any nervousness is all gone by the end of the 1st night. Everyone is in the same boat as you. Having a sense of adventure, of letting go into what’s happening and feeling able to navigate ourself, expressing your Yes’s as well as your No’s and you are going to have a great great time.

Every aspect of this festival is designed to help you grow and learn how to explore different aspects of themselves. There is something for everyone:
Men who wish to reignite their sexual prowess.
Men who are seeking a place to be themselves.
Men who want to explore Tantra.
Men who are interested in growing spiritually and sexually
As well as having fun, celebrating who you are and finding a whole new family.

For many attending this festival, not only is it a great vacation or holiday, but also a chance to reconnect with yourself maybe in ways that are not easy to do in your day to day life. The festival creates an environment of what a perfect living tantric life can be. And for some they find this creates opportunities to reconfigure their day to day life to create the very things they experience at the festival.

The festival can also open the door to a deeper exploration of Tantra. And maybe for you you’d like to consider the Diploma in Tantra programme offered by Jason and Ingo in the UK and USA (East and West Coast) each year. This can revolutionize your life in ways that support you in your spiritual journey and in the experience of this life.

Please email me, just click HERE – I typically reply within 72 hours so if you’ve not had a reply, please do check your SPAM box.

What the TantraLove Festival Offers
The TantraLove Festival is a programme made to bring men the ultimate Tantra experience. You can participate in any of the workshops available and each year we offer something different. Even if you’ve come to one of our festivals in the past, we guarantee that there will be something new for you to enjoy.

This year, we are celebrating our 12th Anniversary!

Experience Unknown Ecstasy Through New Rituals and Experiences

Our workshops are quite unique. We understand the power of touch and communication with the mind and body. Workshops are hands-on, fun, practical and carefully curated and designed to show you mind-blowing experiences that come with Tantra.

Every year, festival attendees tell us how they were able to experience things they never had before.

Meditations, Tantric Yoga and More

Tantra is a path of inner ecstasy. There are different ways to access it and everyone accesses it differently. The aim of our festival is to give you as many ways as possible to get into Tantra, whether it is through meditative experiences, physical and yogic, sensual and indulgent or ecstatic and mind-blowing.

Inspiring Teachers from Around the World

Every year, we select a unique combination of workshops, experiences, and teachers from all over the world. Every instructor brings something different to the festival with their version of Tantra and related disciplines.

Over 130 Men to Connect and Play With

Throughout the years, the TantraLove Festival has created an amazing community of special men who choose to join us year after year. There are numerous deep friendships that have developed and it really feels like family. We are always happy to see our family grow and you are so very welcome to become part of it.

Lots of Fun

A Place to Be Yourself

We’ve created an amazing wonderland for the men that join our festival. From the hot tub to the sauna, there are many places for you to unwind and relax. With many accommodations open during the day and evening, you have an abundant choice of places to play around in, explore and indulge.

Hot tub spa and sauna to indulge

At each Festival, we have a hot tub spa pool and sauna available to us – a great place to unwind and relax, and always very popular with everyone. Open during the day and late into the evening – perfect to indulge in the warmth, ease away any tensions and relax with new-found friends. In the evenings, candles and ambient music will float you to heaven.

Plenty of space to relax, and 24-hour refreshments

We know how important it is to have somewhere relaxing to chill out, chat with old and new friends, and to take some time out from a busy festival programme. We always offer plenty of space for that, indoors and outdoors. And, of course, our popular refreshment stations – open 24 hours a day for complimentary tea, coffee, refreshments, and biscuits.

Tasty homemade vegetarian food

Earth Spirit’s heart-warming vegetarian food receives rave reviews from our festival goers. Your food ticket gives you full board: Buffet breakfast, lunch, dinner with dessert, afternoon cake, and 24/7 refreshments (tea, coffee, etc.).

Beautiful venues in the midst of nature

The festival is located in the midst of beautiful nature. As we have exclusive use of the venue and grounds, this offers a sense of seclusion so that you can totally let go and be yourself.

Venue & Travel

Glastonbury, UK

How to Get There:

EarthSpirit is located in Somerset, five miles south of Glastonbury, at the edge of the village of Compton Dundon. The postcode is TA11 6PE. For detailed directions, visit the Earth Spirit Centre

Car Share Scheme: We want to care for our environment, so we offer a Car Share Scheme to share lifts. We find this can help ease any initial nerves you may have. We highly recommend this as the best way to get to the Festival. In our experience, there are plenty of people driving and willing to take others – it’s the cheapest and most fun alternative, and it helps to reduce our environmental footprint. We will send you details about this scheme prior to the event. We will be in touch with you about this two months before the start of the Festival.

By Car: From the M25/M3 junction (South West London), it’s a 2-hour drive via the M3 and A303. Coming from Bristol, the Midlands, the North, or South Wales, it’s a 1-hour drive from the M4/M5 junction (Bristol), via the M5 and A39. Parking is easy at the venue.

By Train: The next train station is Castle Cary on the main London-Taunton/Exeter line. From Castle Cary, it’s a 20-minute taxi ride to the centre (approx. £25). We will also organise pick-up for £10 per person from certain trains.

By Coach (from Bristol only): Coach 376 runs hourly from Bristol Temple Meads Station to Glastonbury and takes approximately 90 minutes. From Glastonbury, it’s a 10-minute taxi ride.

By Plane: We recommend flying into any of the London airports (Heathrow is easiest). From the airport, catch the express train / tube to London Paddington train station, and then as above, a train to Castle Cary. A quicker option is to fly into Bristol airport and take the coach from Bristol.

Further Details: We will also send out detailed directions with the joining instructions approximately 6 weeks before the Festival.


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