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You Are More Than Your Grindr Profile

Video Transcript:

Hello. I wanted to let you know that you are more than your Grindr profile. You’re more than that. When we open up these apps like Grindr or Scruff, we get a long list of all the profiles of the people nearby – what can happen is that we are programmed into judging all of the different profiles. I don’t know about you but there is a split second ‘Yes’ ‘No’ ‘Yes’ ‘No’ ‘No’ Yes’ ‘Yes’ and you then start sending a flame or a message to people that you think are hot and it’s kind of all of big game.

For me, the one thing that it misses out in is really knowing somebody. If you look at your Grindr or Scruff profile, you’ve probably got your best photo on there and you’ve probably got one sentence and your statistics of your height, age, eye colour, what sexual position that you have…and I just have to tell you that you are so much more. You are so much more than your Grindr and Scruff profile and everybody that you’re looking at one there as well is also so much more. You’re beautiful. You know how to love and you know how to give love. You know how to connect deeply and you’ve been through life and had different experiences, ones that have made you an even better person today than you were moments and years ago and other experiences that we have in life that cause us wounds, that cause us hurt, that cause us different insecurities and fears.

For me the true thing that Grindr lacks is what I call depth – how can you judge one person on a one inch by one inch photo? And make an assessment around whether you want, well I guess it’s a sexual connection but for me people are looking for sex but they are also looking for connection and for ways to be more intimate with men. For me Grindr is helpful in terms of putting you in contact with gay men that are close to you, but actually what it’s not doing and what all of the different social media apps are not doing is helping you to develop a more intimate, more enriching connection with men in your life. And i hear so many different complaints from men like you that kind of go ‘well my life isn’t very fulfilling and my sexual encounters are not very fulfilling. And actually I met somebody and it was over before it started’ and for me the thing that is missing here is depth of intimacy. I’ve been using this analogy recently about throwing seeds on soil but those plants are only going to grow if the soil is rich and fertile.

For me one of the things that Tantra does is it really helps you to get much more deeper in contact with yourself. In Tantra you deeply and profoundly get to know yourself and also in Tantra you get to deeply and profoundly meet other men in very beautiful, intimate ways that you typically don’t on a day to day basis. And so for me that one inch by one inch photo cannot be the story of how to meet the love of your life, how to meet somebody that you’re going to be really deep and profound and intimate with. So I just wanted to say ‘you are more than your Grindr profile’ you are much more than that and everybody that you’re looking at on these social media apps they also are so much more than these different one inch photos that you see – we are all so much more than our Grindr profile and I’m inviting you to Tantra and I’m inviting you in your everyday life to look for the deeper connection, look for the intimacy, look for that deep, rich, fertile soil and Tantra helps you to cultivate that.

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