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What is Tantra - Spiritual

Tantra can connect you with the universal energy that means whatever your spiritual or religious beliefs, Tantra can provide you with the energy to connect with that in a more powerful way than you may have experienced before. Maybe it is spirit guides, angels, Jesus, Buddha or nothing at all. Tantra enables you to connect with whatever you identify or don't identify as your beliefs.

Universal energy can be described as "life energy". The electricity in our bodies that enables us to live and move, the life force that enables plants and trees to grow, the universal energy that creates and maintains our universe. It is all around us. Tantra can help you tap into the highest forms, the spiritual parts of this energy, to enable you to have a cosmic connection with yourself, other people and with the universe itself.

Regular Tantric practice can bring you to a point where the energy becomes even more subtle, even more rich and glorious in a way that can feel you have a total connection with the heavens and the universe. Imagine an orchestra and in the beginning you are hearing the whole orchestra play. As your ears become more accustomed to the orchestra you are able to pick out certain instruments and then certain melodies and rhythms of particular instruments. Regular Tantric practice can be described in this way as your experience and your ability to feel different energies increase.

Through rituals and exercises, you will have the opportunity to experience connections with the highest spiritual energies in a safe and loving environment where you are accepted just as you are. You are respected as an individual with your own ideas, beliefs, and way of life. You may be invited to open yourself and experience different aspects, but we respect your individual choices and will work with you on your journey.

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