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How can I keep myself Safe?

We are passionate and are committed to honouring the boundaries that you create that serve you best in our workshops and events. Depending on the event, we will spend varying amounts of time helping you determine and express your consent of the actions in which you are choosing to partake. In our events we talk about what “safe practice” means and we talk about your consent. We give you affirmation to confirm your understanding and we create exercises for you to practise feeling a “yes”, a “no”, or a “I don’t know”, and how to verbalise that. We help you discover how to negotiate with other participants in this process. As per our Ethics we are passionate about you only doing what you feel a “yes” to, and sometimes that yes may be a “challenging but its a yes”, and other times it may be a “hell yes”. We look at “I don’t know” and “No” and talk and practicing the sometimes uncomfortable place of saying “No”. Our aim is that you will ONLY ever do what is within “your garden of Yes”. We continually look at many practices, e.g. Betty Martin’s Wheel of Consent, and we look to continually develop our events and practices to ensure your safety and peace of mind. Click Here to read more about your Safety & Wellbeing.

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