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About Ingo

I have been on a journey of personal development over the last decade, delving into many modalities and adventures. Instead of providing you with a list here, let me just say: The journey has been absolutely transformative and amazing, often challenging and mind-boggling, but always full of love. (If you’d like to know more, let’s have a conversation over a cup of tea when we meet.)

Tantra and meditation, in particular, have rocked my world. Alongside with practices from more arcane spiritual disciplines that I’ve been involved in. It’s hard to put into words the many new experiences and ways of being these modalities have opened up for me. They definitely have infused me of a sense of true connection to the flow of life, and with an appreciation of the truly infinite potential of the human experience.

My journey has given me the motivation to create similar experiences for other men, through Tantra4GayMen, which I co-founded with Jason, my beloved beautiful husband, in 2008. The Tantra work has floated my boat in so many ways: Seeing people transform and become more aligned with their true nature, seeing them discover ecstasy as a way to themselves, holding their hands when they let go, and seeing the love in their eyes after a good event.

Apart from that, I love travelling, discovering the world, music, reading, foreign languages, nature, and outdoor sports, among other things. In all of those fields, I have had a strong penchant towards the unconventional, non-mainstream. I have also pursued an academic career alongside my Tantra work, which has taken me to a few unusual places and cultures on this beautiful planet. I’m based in Bristol, but (currently) regularly spend time in China, India and South America to work, play, and learn.

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