Your Pathway to Inner Freedom

A 16 Day Intensive Online Course




The Training

A 16-day Online and Interactive Tantra Training for Men who Love Men
49 hours of Interaction, Teaching, and Profound Experiences with Jason & Ingo
Plus Additional Bonus: 5 hours of Live Discourse on Tantra by Jason & Ingo
Featuring Live Broadcasts, Video Group Calls, and 1-2-1 Online Coaching Sessions to Fully Immerse Yourself in Tantra
An Online Training Like No Other - As if you had us, your Tantra Coaches, with you in your living room
2017 date: Saturday Sep 9, 2017 to Sunday Sep 24, 2017
Standard price £795/$945
DISCOUNTED to £595/$745 just for you!
PLUS receive ANOTHER £75/$100 special discount if you are among the first 10 men who book!



Tantra: Your Pathway to Inner Freedom is a complete personal development programme in which Jason & Ingo will guide you through a 16-day (54 hours of tuition) journey of self-exploration and transformation, using techniques and teachings from the ancient mystical pathway of Tantra.
  • Harness your sexual energy to explore ecstatic states of awareness.
  • Discover hands-on techniques to learn how to live a liberated and fulfilling life.
  • Unlock unknown aspects of yourself and build your confidence and mindpower.
  • Embark on a deep spiritual pathway of self-exploration and find your inner freedom.


Each day, we will explore different and exciting Tantra practices and techniques. Here are some of the unique topics that we will teach during this programme:
  • Igniting The Power of Your Sexual (and Other) Energies
  • Mastering Higher Levels of Orgasm, Arousal States, and Pleasure
  • Breaking Through to Who You Really Are (And Leaving Behind That What You’re Not)
  • Transforming Your Sexual Energy to Access and Experience Spiritual Realms
  • Secrets of Higher Tantra: Your Unique Pathway to Inner Freedom
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Ready to join us for an adventure? Here’s what’s so unique about this programme.
  • It’s fully online: Learn Tantra from the comfort of your home! No need to travel anywhere or take leave from your job.
  • It’s learning by doing and focuses on YOUR direct experience of Tantra: You experience how awesome Tantra can be, guided by us via our Live Broadcasts.
  • It’s based on Live Broadcasts & Video Group Sessions for you to enjoy either live or afterwards (recorded), at your leisure. 
  • It’s fully taught by Jason and Ingo a with lots of interaction with us.
  • It’s unique, innovative, and very different from our other workshops - New content delivered in a whole new way. 
  • It’s full individual step-by-step live guidance by us - We walk each step of the path with you.