Tantra: Your Pathway to Inner Freedom



What You'll Learn

Each day, we will explore different and exciting Tantra practices and techniques. They fall into five levels of learning:

One - Igniting The Power of Your Sexual (and Other) Energies
Learn how to use Tantric techniques to awaken, ignite, and deeply experience the incredible energies that you can access through your body. Most prominently, of course, your sexual energy, your raw sexual fire: Use hot, exciting Tantric techniques to really get this going, to fuel and develop it, and to go to levels of sexual power way beyond what you are used to. And then, learn to experience an entire array of other energies available to you - as powerful, but typically hidden. Learn powerful techniques to unlock and access these energies, and experience the awesome things you can use them for.
Two - Mastering Higher Levels of Orgasm, Arousal States, and Pleasure
Experience lots and lots of hands-on exercises that will teach you how to bring your orgasm into something completely awesome. You may have heard of Multiple Orgasms, Full-Body Orgasms, Higher Arousal States, High Sex, and the like. Our specifically developed Tantra exercises teach you pathways to those, and a lot more. Did you know that you can experience at least seven types of orgasm that feel very different to each other? Did you know that you can be in an ‘orgasmic’ state for hours, with the right training? Have you ever experienced sensual arousal and pleasure so deep that you didn’t believe you could take it? We will teach you tools that help you develop your body’s (and mind’s) abilities to orgasm, access a wide array of types of deep states of arousal, and experience pleasure on entire new levels - the full spectrum of Tantra’s sexual dimension.
Three - Breaking Through to Who You Really Are (And Leaving Behind That What You’re Not)
To really break through to the awesome world of higher states of awareness, Tantra requires meditative practice, and, above all, self-reflection. This means to look at, become aware of, and finally work to rid ourselves, from the unhelpful mindsets and thought patterns that block our inner freedom. Have you ever been really intimate? Have you ever accessed and spoken your authentic inner truth? Have you ever connected to what your heart truly desires? - We will guide you through powerful Tantric experiences through which you can learn strategies to heal yourself, to develop personal power, to reach clarity about how you are being held back, and to overcome personal and energetic obstacles. Experience the pure joy and power of seeing - for the first time, maybe - what your true potential is, beyond conditioning and the baggage from your past.


Four - Transforming Your Sexual Energy to Access and Experience Spiritual Realms
This is what Tantra is known for and where its true power unfolds: Learn how to transform your sexual energy to reach higher states of awareness, deeper connection to yourself, the world, and the spiritual dimensions. Topics here include more advanced Tantra techniques that have to be experienced to know how powerful they really are: Energetic Visualisation, High Vibrational Spiritual Energy, the Sex/Spirit Connection, Opening your Third Eye, and Using Orgasmic States to Experiencing Divine Bliss, to name just a few. Ultimately, these techniques constitute doorways to Tantric spiritual ecstasy, the experience of which is beyond words.
Five - Secrets of Higher Tantra: Your Unique Pathway to Inner Freedom
Bring together the ecstatic experiences with what you have learnt about yourself and your life, and integrate these teachings into your unique path towards Inner Freedom - that’s what our teachings are about at this level. It also constitutes one of the key secrets of this ancient spiritual pathway. It’s about combining meditative states and sexual power, about Tantric rituals in which you harness your energies to reach inner focus, discernment, peace, happiness … and, ultimately: Deep inner contentment and an intuitive understanding your own path to Inner Freedom.