Tantra: Your Pathway to Inner Freedom


What You Get

This is what you get for your course fee:
The programme includes a total of 49 hours of Tantra tuition - plus 5 bonus hours of Discourse on Tantra - over 16 days.
  1. 15 hours of Live Tantra Practice - Varied, exciting, and incredibly powerful: Our guided Tantra Exercises and Rituals.
  2. 15 hours of Guided Tantra Meditations - Unlock the hidden capabilities of your body through our specifically tailored Tantra Meditations.
  3. 15 hours of Interactive Video Group Calls - Interact with us, get your questions answered, and get lots of coaching and guidance in our Interactive Video Group Calls with Jason and Ingo.
  4. 2 hours of One-to-One Private Tantra Coaching Sessions - Work with Jason or Ingo in private, and go REALLY deep!
  5. Welcome Meeting and Closing Meeting (1 hour each) - Learn all the practicalities you need to know, and learn how to continue Tantra in your everyday life.
And, as an extra bonus: 5 hours of Live Discourse with either Jason or Ingo. Lectures on relevant topics of Tantra - discover the background and purpose of Tantra and really get to understand the ideas behind what we do in this ancient mystical practice!
Also, a dedicated private online group will be set up for the time of the training, where you can meet the other participants, your ‘brothers’ in Tantra - meet, communicate, share, and make friends with each other as much (or as little) as you like.


Live Tantra Practice is where Jason and Ingo will guide you through a range of Tantra experiences, rituals and exercises specifically designed for this programme. The practices are varied, exciting and always powerful. We will be with you LIVE - gently talking you through the individual steps and the entire process - all you need to do is bear with us, enjoy and let go …

Tantra Meditation is key if you really want to unlock the true powers of your body and mind through Tantra. In meditation, we develop and activate key skills foundational to Tantra and to unlocking your inner sense of freedom. During the programme, we will guide you through a powerful meditation every morning. They are very much unlike what you might know about meditation - not necessarily silent, but including practices such as movement and conscious breathing. They are guided by us all the way through and include lots of beautiful music. The meditative practice will make a huge difference to your days during the training - they are designed to set your inner system up so you can receive the Tantric core practices.
Every evening, we will meet online for an Interactive Video Group Call. It will feel like sitting around a campfire with us, sharing your personal process, hearing what others have to say, asking all of your questions, and receiving useful hints, coaching, and direct loving guidance from Jason and Ingo. 
During the programme, we will offer you two One-on-one Private Tantra Coaching Sessions (1 hour each) with Jason or Ingo. These are not mandatory, but highly recommended. It is your unique chance to discuss things on a private basis and to receive deep individualised guidance from Jason and Ingo. You’ll be able to book these sessions online in advance, so you know exactly when it’s your turn.
Live Discourse is where Jason and Ingo will speak to you about Tantra. All you need to know about the background and purpose of Tantra practice, about basics of the philosophy behind Tantra, about inner freedom, and about other things you need to know on your journey. Jason and Ingo are known to present the complex knowledge behind Tantra in a deep, but fun, to-the-point and easy-to-follow way.
In addition, you will be encouraged to keep a Daily Journal (10-15 minutes daily) and share this with Jason and Ingo, so we can see and witness your journey and tailor our coaching to exactly where you’re at.