Tantra: Your Pathway to Inner Freedom


Technicalities & Preparations
Here’s what you’ll need in terms of technical equipment:
  • Good broadband internet access on your PC, laptop or tablet. (The programme can also be accessed via your phone, but you may not get the full benefit with a smaller screen.)
  • Speakers or cordless headphones, and a microphone. They can be either on your device or on your headset.
  • A Google account and a Skype ID.
  • A few other easy-to-get minor things that we will explain to you closer to the course date.
  • Most importantly, you need to make sure that you have access to a room where you can be alone, are not overheard by others, and do not have any interruptions (i.e. from others in the same building, from your phone, etc.).
Here’s how the sessions will look like - from a technical point of view:
  • For the Meditations: You’ll need to be in a room where you are unwatched, not overheard, and undisturbed for the time of the session. We recommend to be clothed in light clothing you can easily move around in - like you would be for a yoga session or the gym. During the meditation, there will be times where you’ll need to move, either on the floor/your yoga mat, or around the room (similar to dancing). There will be some moments where you’ll be invited to make expressive sounds, and there will be periods of silence as well. You need to be able to hear Ingo talking you through the meditation, as well as the accompanying music, via the speakers of your computer or your cordless headphones. We recommend to have a bottle of drinking water with you.
  • For the Live Tantra Sessions: You’ll need to be in a room where you are unwatched, not overheard, and undisturbed for the time of the session, and where it is ok to be naked (which you’ll need to be for some, but not all sessions). You’ll need access to some specific items such as massage oil (easy to obtain; we will e-mail you a list in August). You will be invited to do tantric practices live, with Jason guiding you and talking you through the exercises and rituals, step by step. Sometimes you’ll need to make expressive sounds, sometimes physical practices, along with making sounds of sexual nature. Sessions will include intimate self-touch, and occasionally self-stimulation.
  • For the Live Group Video Calls: You’ll need to be in a room where you are unwatched and undisturbed for the time of the session. You’ll need to make sure that the conversation is not overheard by others. You will be invited to speak if you would like to (via the microphone in your computer or your headset), and to listen to what Jason, Ingo, and other participants have to say (via the speakers of your computer, or your headset).
  • For the Discourses: No specific setup and no interaction from your side is required, other than you listening, via the speakers of your computer or your headphones.


And here’s what happens next after you have booked:
  • Once you book and pay for your place on the course you will receive an automatic confirmation of your booking. Over the next 3 days we will process your monies and only contact you via email if there is a problem with your transaction. 
  • In early August 2017 we will send you a list of technical things to set yourself up, and ask you for some personal information that you will need to provide us with. 
  • In late August 2017, about 2 weeks before the course, you will receive Joining Instructions that will detail all the preparations and considerations that you will need to make to attend the course. There will be some easy-to-obtain things you might need to obtain, i.e. yoga mat, towel, sheet, massage oil, etc. that you’ll need to do the live practices with Jason.
You will also need to sign a legal confirmation of confidentiality (in order to create a safe space for everyone, you state that you are not going to divulge any information about other participants to anyone outside the training) and copyright (by signing up, you buy the experience, but the copyright for the course content remains with us). We will send this to you in August.
One-on-one Coaching Sessions:
If you would like additional one-on-one coaching sessions during the course or afterwards (or before the course, in preparation), these are bookable at £80/$98 per 1-hour session, depending on availability.