Tantra: Your Pathway to Inner Freedom


Is This For Me?
Tantra works on many levels, and you can use it for many different things. Participants come to us with many different motivations: To enhance their sex lives, for the thrill and adventure of trying something ‘far out’, for spiritual experiences, to discover an alternative to the mainstream gay world, or because they have an issue, discontent, or unhappiness - concrete or less concrete - in their lives.
If you wonder if this programme is for you, consider the following points:
The programme is different from our other workshops. In Tantra, personal transformation is usually achieved through intimate interaction with others, and through group processes, in a group setting - which is the case in all of our non-online workshops. However, only few people know that Tantra also offers lots of techniques that you can be practice on your own. In fact, it’s possible to go very far in Tantra just practising these techniques and using their benefits for your inner development. So, this workshop:
  • focuses on practising Tantra on your own.
  • is all about your own inner journey and development, and about how you can change your inner landscapes for the better.
  • focuses on practicing Tantra as part of your daily life and enjoying Tantra’s benefits on a daily basis


The programme focuses on direct experience. This means, you will be “learning by doing”. You will be guided through the various exercises, rituals and meditations, and directly experience their mindblowing effects on yourself. And each evening, there will be time for you to reflect on these experiences and hear others reflect on theirs, and be coached by Jason and Ingo to fully integrate the teachings.

The programme is fully guided - it’s like having us, your personal Tantra teachers with you in your living room - We will travel the entire journey with you, walk alongside you, and fully guide you through the entire process. Although you might be far away physically, this is your very personal journey with us, Jason and Ingo - two highly experienced teachers who have developed and perfected their Tantra teachings in countless workshops and events. During these 16 days, we will work full time being JUST WITH YOU and the other participants to guide you through the process step by step, work with you on everything that comes up for you, and coach you so that you can maximise and optimise your personal results.
The programme puts a specific focus on personal growth and discovery, and finding inner freedom for yourself - as reflected in its title, Your Pathway to Inner Freedom. Ask yourself the following questions - if some of these resonate for you, then this is for you.
  • Are you longing for spiritual connection? In this programme, you will discover the more spiritual aspects of Tantra, a powerfully modern spiritual practice with ancient mystical roots.
  • Are you intrigued to learn which mind-blowing things you can use your sexual energy for? You will learn to harness and guide your sexual energy, to use it to transform your mindset, your emotional setup, and to access inner experiences way beyond anything you may be used to.
  • Have you longed to experience the more inward aspects of Tantra, the side of Tantra that you can study on your own? Tantra can be highly social and give you ecstatic experiences through sensual rituals performed in a group. But there is another side of the coin: Tantra also offers a transformational mystical pathway which you can travel all on your own. This programme will teach you these techniques and put you on this pathway, once and forever.
  • Do you feel that something is holding you back, and are there things in your inner life you want to free yourself from? Are you longing to live your life more fully? This programme is all about the Tantric teachings of Inner Freedom. It’s about using Tantra to work through obstacles, limiting belief systems, unhelpful thought patterns, and the conditioning that holds you back from becoming the best and most freest version of yourself. It’s all about a discovery of yourself as a liberated spiritual being with unlimited potential. 
  • Are you longing for deep inner happiness? Tantra helps you to access states of inner peace, contentment, silence, and happiness. This programme teaches you strategies to get there.


If you have not done Tantra with us before, this programme is specifically for you if:
  • You have wanted to learn Tantra with us, but cannot make it to a workshop.
  • You have wanted to learn Tantra, but have reservations about the intimacy of a group setting.
  • You would like to learn Tantra in a way where you can try this out for yourself and in the comfort of your home.
  • You have wanted to learn Tantra with us, but live in an area where it is difficult to access our workshops.
  • You have wanted to learn Tantra with us, but struggle to take the time out from work, family, or other obligations.
  • You would like to learn Tantra and would like the lessons, practices and teaching embedded into your everyday life.
If you have done Tantra with us already - such as an Introduction,  the Festival, or parts of the Diploma  -, this programme is for you if:
  • You would like to learn more about those aspects of Tantra that are more inward-oriented and focus on personal inner work and self-transformation.
  • You would like to invite Tantric guidance and loving connection with Jason and Ingo into a period of your daily life, at home.
  • You would like to develop Tantra into an ongoing spiritual practice that is integrated into your daily life.
Whatever your motivation is: It is important that you come here from a place of true willingness to work on yourself: The more you put in, the more you will get out of it. 
We have deliberately designed this programme to fit into your daily routine.
So you do NOT need to take time off from work. However, that said, it is important to realise that the programme is intense. You will be in deep inner process for 16 days. You will probably not have a lot of emotional space for anything else than the programme plus your job. What we highly recommend is that you keep your other commitments in the evenings and on the weekends to an absolute minimum during the program time, and that you dedicate most of your evenings and weekends to the programme.
Do these questions resonate for you - If yes, what are you waiting for? - Book Now