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Step into a Fulfilling Life

Video Transcript:

Hello there thanks for joining me. In this video I want to talk to you about the idea that Tantra helps you step into a fulfilling life.

Now when I consider that in Tantra, for me there’s kind of two aspects that I’m thinking about in terms of stepping into a fulfilling life. What I mean by fulfilling, I think maybe let’s kind of answer that one first. For me fulfilling is more about completeness, it’s about living the whole of yourself, and it’s about having worked through all the stuff that holds you back, and about exploring new and creative and ecstatic frontiers.

For me, if you answer both the things that hold you back and you explore new frontiers naturally, who you are as a person will actually expand like the the experience you have of life actually expands. So for me when I talk about, for example, our diploma program; when we’re talking about step into a fulfilling life, it’s for these two key reasons. The first one being around working through all the stuff that holds you back.

Now let’s just look at that for a moment, because if you kind of think, well what are the things that hold me back in life; and I think one is about fear. When I talk about fear, I mean kind of fear about being sexual, fear about who you are in the world, fear about the things that you have going on, maybe worries about money, worries about how you look, worry about how others perceive you, worries about how you perceive others. In a fear and also I think fear of rejection.

Fear of rejection is a really big one in that all fear of failure, basically anything that stops you kind of trying stuff, like fear for me is one of the big things that can actually hold us back or hold you back from having a fulfilling life.

I think the other thing that can go on here is around judgments; how we judge ourselves, judging how we look, judging how I said, you know, how others perceive, us judging how we were in certain situations. Again worrying about judgments and not being, just acting in your free self and knowing that that’s okay.

Again there are be going to be things that hold you back from having a fulfilling life. I think the other one that I would add in here is something about shame. For example, we kind of grow up in our childhood with the idea that it’s wrong to be gay and actually we can kind of carry around a shame.

I don’t about you but it was about two, three, four years that I knew that I was gay before I actually came out, before I actually told the world this is who I am. And what can happen is we take that shame with us throughout our adult lives, and we can have all different kinds of shames going on; shame about being sexual, having sexual desire, a shame about who we are, a shame about being gay. Like, have you ever started a brand new job and decided not to tell anybody that you were gay in that new job, just because of a shame that you have kind of still going on around that. Or if you ever had those times in your life when people have assumed you’re straight, and you haven’t kind of gone to correct them, don’t, actually I’m gay. And so for me, shame about who we are, judgements about ourselves, and just being frightened about life are the things that actually can hold you back from having a fulfilling life.

Now the other thing I think, on the other side of that though, that’s only going to one side of the coin. If you manage to resolve and work through those things, and that’s really great, but is that enough? And so for me, the other aspect of stepping into a fulfilling life is the ability to explore more of yourself. And, I kind of say this with a smile, then you know that is possible.

I think one of the things for me about our Diploma in Tantra program is not only do we actually help you work through shame, guilt, and judgments; but we also create experiences and practices that absolutely expand you beyond anything that, I would say that, you even know is possible. Like we talked about ecstasy, but have you ever really experienced that, have you ever experienced such profound orgasmic ecstatic widen states.

Basically what makes me stand in front of you today and talk about it in a video is because these things are amazing and I kind of want to tell the world about it. So for me, when I went, just in summary, when I’m talking about stepping into a fulfilling life it’s about working through shame, working through fear, working through judgments, and about bringing an openness to explore things that you’ve never ever experienced before. And I think having an openness, having that that, in a yes – a sense of adventure – a sense of exploring.

And if you’re feeling like, yeah I kind of like to work through those things; I, I don’t know how and I am a bit apprehensive but actually I kind of want to learn some more; then I would say that our diploma program is absolutely ideal for you, so please come and accept my invitation; come and experience a much more fulfilling life. Thank you.

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