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This is an Online place to meet and exchange with other like-minded men that are interested in Love, the fusion of Sexuality & Spirituality. This is a place where men want to share more deeply, more intimate and loving connections in a non-judgmental space. It’s a place for men that are interested in Tantra and all its associated practices. We want to support and maintain a community of men to help Tantra become a lifestyle connected in Love, Intimacy and Bliss.

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  • Creating Your Profile: Part 1

    Creating Your Profile: Part 1

    In this video you'll learn how to begin creating your own profile on the Tantra4GayMen Social Network

  • Creating Your Profile: Part 2

    Creating Your Profile: Part 2

    In this video you'll finish creating your profile so you can begin using the Tantra4GayMen Social Network

  • Resetting Your Password

    Resetting Your Password

    Need a new password or locked out of your account? Here's what to do

  • Editing Your Profile

    Editing Your Profile

    This video explains how to edit your profile and keep it up to date

  • Notification Settings

    Notification Settings

    This video explains the notifications you'll receive and how to manage them

  • Messages


    This video explains how to send messages to and receive messages from other Tantric men

  • Newsfeed


    This video is all about your Newsfeed so you can keep up to date with the network

  • Friends & Relationships

    Friends & Relationships

    This video shows you how to handle friend and relationship requests

  • Groups


    This video explains Groups within the Social Network

  • Finding Users

    Finding Users

    This video shows you how to find other Tantric men in your area

  • Who's online now?

    Who's online now?

    You can see who is online now and also find new members of the social network: this video explains how