Tantric Massage & Practitioner Training

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You'd like to become a Tantric Masseur, or a Tantric Practitioner? I offer training to both men and women who want to learn to offer Tantra and Massage to men.

I am asked often to train others and sometimes what I offer can be misconstrued as a set of techniques. Whilst my work is comprised of techniques it is also with a back ground of 20+ years and over 10,000 men either having a session or attending one of my workshops.

In those years I have kept myself on a journey of continuing personal and professional development as well as attending personal and professional supervision on an ongoing basis.

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I offer an analogy that you would not expect a medical practitioner to perform a major medical procedure without a full training (7 years) in medical studies. The same relates to Tantra, in that to be a fully competent practitioner you must have yourself been through a deep Tantra Training as well as learning the specific skills of each Tantric process.

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What I offer my clients is the result of 22 years of personal and professional development in my field. I really believe that I can only take my clients as far as I am willing to go myself.

However I acknowledge that everyone needs to start somewhere and so with this in mind I offer 2 levels of training. Learn Tantra Massage Skills Level and Tantric Practitioner Level

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Tantric Massage Skills

Tantric Massage Skills Training Only which I offer as 1 day trainings in my studio in Bristol. Here you can learn the techniques of either TAO Erotic Tantric Massage or the Hot Erotic & Orgasmic Ultimate Tantric Massage (or both over 2 days) and by the end of your training day you would be able to competently offer this to another indivdiual. At the end of the training day you will receive a certificate to say you have attended this Tantric Massage Skills day. The cost for these training days is £800 per day. I provide a location (in Bristol), a model, free lunch, training notes and an intensive training day. In this day you will only learn the skills of the Tantric massage itself, and you will not learn anything about Tantra as a wider practise and you will not learn how to handle and be with different clients. Please email me jason@tantra4gaymen.co.uk for further information and booking.

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Tantric Practitioner Level

For those seeking to become a Tantra Professional, i.e. offering Tantra Sessions to clients, I recommend and can offer the following.

Firstly you must have committed to and booked to, or completed a Diploma or Deep Dive in Tantra Training. For gay and bisexual men, as Tantra4GayMen I offer 3x 1 week trainings annually, typically each July. Click Here to read details of the Diploma programme which is a 2-3 year commitment. For non-bisexual/gay men, please email me for recommended schools of Tantra.

You would then need to attend our Tantra Teacher Training. Become a Tantra Teacher with Tantra4GayMen. The Global Experts in Tantra!. Find Your Unique Passion and Calling - Guide Men into Growth, Transformation and an Ecstatic Life! Fuse Spirituality, Sexuality, Business, and Community to Create Your Dreams!

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You will learn to master unique skills: A complete training in Tantra, of course. Plus so much more:
How to integrate related disciplines such as meditation, energy work, coaching, and massage.
How to create spaces of transformation and personal growth.
How to teach and develop your own teaching style.
How to lead, guide, hold and coach groups and individuals through transformation.
And last but not least:
How to make this work in your life and how to build your own business in Tantra.

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