PreP and your Freedom

Video Transcript:

Hello there, this time I would like to talk to you about PreP.  PreP is a new medication that if you're taking PreP it stops you contracting HIV and for gay men, I think PreP in the last few years in the UK and certainly in the USA has been a real game changer for gay and bisexual men around how they have sex. I don't really have any opinion about taking PreP, I kind of look more about the underlying desires and wants and I think what that means for me is that typically gay men want to have freedom and in taking PreP as a medication, for me it means you can alleviate the fear of contracting HIV and you can then be freer in yourself, in your sexual expression. Now one of the things I would say up front here is that PreP doesn't actually stop you from contracting a whole other range of sexually transmitted diseases and infections: gonorrhoea, HPV, hepatitis. PreP doesn't stop any of those but PreP has been proven to stop the spread or stop people that are taking PreP around contracting HIV but for me looking at prep as from the eyes of tantra. For me there's something about wanting freedom, wanting the ability to freely express yourself in your sex and it's like who wouldn't want that. We all want that but for me finding freedom in your sex isn't gonna come from PreP. 
It's going to come from inside yourself and that might seem like a contradiction but if you watched any of my other videos you'll always hear me saying that your best sex starts with you and your best sex starts with you alleviating any shame around being a gay man. Any shame about having sexual energy and any shame about sexual desires and whilst I think our society has become incredibly sexualized, in some ways I think we are still struggling with the truth and integrity of declaring ourselves as free sexual beings. Imagine it from a different perspective. Imagine that you've been on a tantra week, maybe with me for a week, okay you’ve been on a tantra week and for me Tantra’s designed, when I talk about my diploma programme, when I talk about the different workshops, for me Tantra is designed to liberate you. It's designed to give you your freedom. It's designed to help you be so much more in touch with your authentic and your real self, that makes you just in that truth, in that honesty, in that freedom. Kind of feeling much much more expanded, much more freer, much more able to be in your truth and that opens very blissful, very profound, very freeing experiences so maybe Tantra is just like PreP but yeah I was kind of considering how PreP has become very, very popular and for me it's, I think that wanting freedom, that wanting sexual freedom, wanting liberation and in some ways taking a tablet, knowing that you're not going to contract HIV and maybe you're doing sexual activities in a different way than maybe what you have done before. But I also think it's someway that’s not going to give you the freedom. It changes the practices, I agree, that says it will stop you contracting HIV but what PreP doesn't do is give you freedom. PreP does not help you liberate yourself. Only you can do those things and I love Tantra because that's what it helps you to face. Tantra helps you to liberate yourself, to find your freedom, to find your expanded self, to find the love in yourself that you've always wanted and desired. So just a few ideas that I hope are helpful and I look forward to talking to you again. Take care, thank you, bye bye.