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Multi-Orgasmic Techniques

Video Transcript:

Hello there it’s Jason Tantra here and in today’s video I want to give you a little bit of a practice that you can try at home all around becoming multi-orgasmic. So you may have seen one of the workshops I offer or if you do some longer Tantra training with me it’s about one of the themes I talk about is becoming multi orgasmic.

Now before I give you the the technique and the practice the first question is well why would you want to be though and for men it’s really arousing that idea of becoming multi-orgasmic and people think that it’s a state of coming and coming and coming and coming and being in that ecstasy in that feeling for a prolonged period of time. And people have all different kinds of understandings of what becoming multi orgasmic is so let me bust the first myth for you.

The first myth to burst is about separating ejaculation from the orgasmic sensations that are happening in your body. Typically we see those together as one but actually if we can separate those and actually with becoming in multi-orgasmic you’re making a choice okay a choice not to ejaculate so that you can experience much more profound orgasms. Now when you separate the two like physiologically once you’ve had an ejaculation the body’s like game over and energy is is away and it’s finished.

But actually if you can separate the two and stop whatever exercise you’re doing beforehand before you ejaculate okay then actually you can just work with what I call the orgasmic sensations. Now the orgasmic sensations kind of go like the arousal or goes up and up and up and up and up and up and up. So for example if you think about maybe when you’ve had a masturbatory or a a I think you say in the U.S. jerking off when you’ve had one on your own it might have been over it in like 30 seconds and it kind of didn’t really touch you. And then other times you may have had a really long sex session and then you choose to have cum and an orgasm, at the end and it was like fuck that was like fuck fuck that was just like amazing. So what was different between the two was that you involved a lot of your body and there was a lot more arousal a lot more arousal going up so it was a much more heightened a much more ecstatic experience.

So learning some different techniques and tips can help you have a much bigger sensation of orgasm and kind of enter into this thing called multi orgasm or becoming multiple orgasmic. Now I could talk to you for two days all about multiple orgasms and we could try lots of different practices but I just thought today I’d give you a little one to try that you could do at home, and you could have a play with how that goes. So make sure you’re at home maybe lying on the bed lying on the carpet on the floor, maybe you’ve got your clothes off ,maybe you’ve switched your phone off, you’ve made sure you’re not going to be disturbed all of those good things are set up.

And what I want invite you to do is as you start to masturbate, you start to jerk off, you start to stimulate your cock, I want you to just kind of be really aware with the sensations in your body and I want you to kind of give it breath, give it sound, and I want you to take this up higher, and maybe a little bit faster, and just take it a little bit higher way before you’re gonna cum, or if you feel you’re about to cum, what I want you to do then is take in a deep breath and just hold it and I want you to feel all the sensations that you’re feeling in your body until you can’t hold it anymore.

And you might be shaking and then you’re just gonna let it out, and then I want you to give yourself a few moments to just witness what was going on for you, just listen to what sensations you’re feeling in your body and you may notice that your cock where it may have been hard before is soft and what I want you to do is I want you to try that again, a good three five minutes of stimulating your cock, arousing your cock, masturbating, jerking, building up that sexual energy and you may notice yourself a little bit more aroused a little bit more moaning making sound and I want you to just again take yourself to the point before you’re gonna cum and then make a choice not to.

And then taking a deep breath and hold your breath and just feel all of that energy going on around you holding the breath for as long as you can shaking and then you’re gonna let it out and then you’re going to notice the sensations in your body and you know maybe try and do that like ten times and just listen, just explore, just observe what happened each time – what was going on.

Kind of play with this idea of arousing your cock and using your breath, there’s a way – what happens is when you tense it all the energy from your cock goes all around your body and then when you release your breath it then disperses around your body and you can then get all these different orgasmic type sensations and you may feel yourself going into a slightly ecstatic state. Now some of you may feel a little bit lightheaded some of you may feel a little bit moved in some way, so as I said make sure you’re laying down safe that you know you may be lying on the floor you’re lying on your bed and just kind of play with this breath with this arousing and with this holding your breath and then letting it go and kind of feeling those sensations afterwards.

If you need to like ground yourself afterwards you might feel a little bit like whoa and it’s kind of feeling good but if you need to ground yourself take a shower eat something stamp your feet cold shower really works and yeah just see how it goes also the other thing that brings your energy down which we know is coming ejaculating so if you feel that your energy got too big you could on one of those journeys of stimulating your cock actually allow yourself to come and that also if you’ve done this 10 20 times tell me the results it’s going to be a good day okay if you try this out and practice it it’s going to be a really good day all right good have fun with it.

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