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Private Tantra Tuition

Your very own Private Tantra Tuition Sessions, enjoyed either as a series of 6 2 hr sessions, or as a 1 or 2 day Tantra Workshop – a perfect way for you to learn Tantra that is private just between you and me. This is a great and yet profound Introduction to Tantra.

2 Hr - £180 in Bristol - Please Email Me for a 1 day or 2 day weekend rate. 

This is your very own private Tantra course spread out over 6 sessions, or a 1 day or 2 day weekend. You can choose to do them weekly, monthly or quarterly. Whatever works for you. For 1 day or 2 day trainings all I ask is that you prepay for your next session in advance.

In these sessions you will learn and practice some of the key concepts of Tantra. This is beyond, but does involve some Tantric Massage. This is your opportunity to experience the whole practice of Tantra where massage is just a part.

Your sessions include meditation, massage, tantric rituals, many tantra techniques and by the end of this programme you will be confident that you know something about Tantra and have had some amazing experiences.

It could be that this is something “just for you”, or it could be that you want to learn to improve your sex life with your partner, or that this is a start of a new spiritual and sexual journey for you. Whatever your reason, you will learn Tantra and have some amazing experiences.

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In each session we will work intimately together. You'll get to receive the techniques and also be able to give them to me. We will be Tantric Partners during these sessions and that means we will equally give and receive the techniques so that you have the experience of both roles. You'll need to be comfortable that we will work with each others sexual energy during our sessions together.

Session 1: Intimacy & Arousal – we'll practically explore what intimacy means and I will introduce to you to some techniques to awaken your arousal states. With a focus on breath, sound and movement you will typically have some sensations through your body that you may not have had before.

Session 2: Erotic Touch and Ecstasy – I'll introduce you how to give the most erotic touch to someone and I'll show you the best places on a man to awaken him into his erotic state. We'll also do some partnered Tantric practices where you can experience ecstatic states that are not necessarily awakened by erotic touch. I'll also show you some different cock massage techniques as well.

Session 3: Multi Orgasmic – you've heard of men having multi orgasms? Well in this session I am going to show you how. You'll have the opportunity to be in a multi-orgasmic state and I'll show you the techniques to get someone there. You'll have the opportunity to practice giving these as well me taking you into your multi-orgasmic state.

Session 4: Anal Healing – all of our live's experiences are reputed to be held in the anus or arse. In this session we will hold a Tantric ritual that gives you an opportunity for cathartic release of all the emotions held in this area. It is also the place where the feminine aspects of the energy are created. Spending time creating and charging up the feminine energy enables you to have a larger container for more explosive orgasms. This session can be intense and quite profound in what it offers you.

Session 5: The 7 Vibrations of Orgasm – Chakra's are an ancient map of the body and spirit. Each chakra has different qualities and different vibrations. When we direct our sexual energy to these places, each one can offer us a different vibration of orgasm. This can broaden and open our experience of orgasm and our relationship with sex. This session will help you to connect your sex with your spirituality.

Session 6: Sacred High Tantric Ritual: Yab Yum Universe – all of the sessions up to this point have prepared you for this very special Tantric ritual. It is the most profound of all Tantric rituals, it is the sacred Yab Yum Ritual. Words are difficult to describe the sensations and places you can visit in this ritual. But it is the ultimate place where sex meets spirit and can offer you such subtle states of consciousness and awareness. It can sometimes feel like you have touched heaven or been reminded of home, where your spirit comes from.

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You don't need to have any previous experience of Tantra to experience these sessions. Just an interest and openness to Tantra. Book Now

You will need an openness and willingness to work at a deep level that sometimes means you may find that you come up against some issues that you had not been aware of before. Although not a counselling relationship I will offer you space to explore what comes up for for you.

I really look forward to offering you this most amazing Tantric Experience, Thanks Jason

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