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Sex Coaching for Sexual Problems

Initial Talking Session: £80 for 1 hr - In-Person Bristol, or via Zoom

Practical Session: 2 Hr - £180 - Bristol - A 50% deposit secures your appointment via PayPal or Bank Transfer. 

Sexual issues can feel debilitating and leave you feeling low, depressed and helpless. They can also feel embarrassing, shameful and 'oh god maybe I can just ignore it and it will go away' and can be just plain miserable. Even just talking about sexual issues can feel a massive step, just talking about it for the 1st time.

I have helped many men with sexual issues ranging as I have listed them here. I have qualifications in both Counselling and in Tantra and together with my experience of helping over 10,000 men in either 121's or Workshops, I am well placed to support you.

I have had many successes with clients, one specific example, one client was not able to manage more than 1 min without ejaculating. After 2x 2hr sessions with me, he was going way beyond the 2 hrs and went forward with a tool kit of techniques and practices to enable him to have a more satisfactory sex life. I have countless other examples of success stories.

Every sexual issue is different. There is no magical formulae or magic fix to them because the causes of them can be anything. I cannot offer you guarantees to fix issues, sometimes just managing situations differently can be the answer. However, as you only book 1 session at a time with me, your only risk is the per session cost and if you don't think I am helping you, you can choose not to continue to see me. Therefore your only risk is the cost of that session.

I believe in ethical and safe practise and I have regular supervision to support me in being the best I can be for you. In my supervision I anonymously explore client issues, and my own personal issues to check in that I am approaching my clients from a clean, open, and therapeutic place.

I can help you to explore your attitudes to sex, your values, beliefs and practices. The more open you are with me, the more I can help you to understand the underlying reason. It might that you were brought up in an environment where sexual expression was forbidden. It might be that you suffered forms of abuse where control was taken away from you. It could just be that you have some physical limitations?

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Issues I Can Help With

These are some typical ways I can help you : -

Premature Ejaculation - this is where you experience ejaculation when you are choosing not to. Where the body ejaculates but in your mind you feel you have lost control and it feels embarrassing because it seems it happened before it “should have done”.

Erectile Dysfunction – this is where you're not able to get a erection when you think or feel that you should. Your body is just not performing the way it should and it is letting you down. The more you are in sexual contact with someone, and the more you focus on this problem the worse it gets. Just nothing is happening when it should and you just can't control it, or fix it.

Couples / Partners – Sexual Issues – sometimes there are problems 'fitting together' with another person. It could be that you are in a long term relationship and the spark has gone out. It could be that there has always been an issue and you've just not known how to deal with it. There could be something that feels exceptionally embarrassing and the idea of asking for help has previously felt too much, but the problem just can't continue?

How I Work

Initially I would offer you a talking session where I listen to how you experience the problem. What happens, when, where and with whom. Also I will pay particular attention to your mood and what is going on in your head at these times. I will help you to explore any causes for these issues and I will ask many open questions about you, your adult life, your childhood, relationships with partners, relationships with parents, friends. The more open you are with me in this session the more I can help you get to the bottom of what's going on. In this session this is a chance for us to check each other out. Do you feel that I would be able to help you? Do I feel that I would be able to you? It is appropriate that we would have a practical session to help you physically and practically explore the issue? We can do this session face to face or over the telephone/Skype.

If there is a yes to all of these questions, we will then arrange a practical 2 hrs session if possible. Equally if meeting face to face is not possible, we can have further Skype calls. It could be that one session gives you everything you need, it could be you need a few sessions, or it could be that you need longer term support. I will make recommendations based on my experiences, but it is totally your choice. Your only commitment to me is the actual session that you have pre-paid or are actually attending in that moment.

Practically: How Can I Help?

Premature Ejaculation: If we agreed a practical session, it depends on the topic and our agreed approach to the issue. If it were just you, and we were working with premature ejaculation it could be that we agree to do a Tantric Massage session. In that session I would awaken your sexual energy by massaging your body and your cock, and in that moment coach you on different Tantric techniques to prolong ejaculation. It could be that I ask you to tell me every moment you get 'close' and then when you hit that point I can in that direct moment give you techniques to delay ejaculation.

Erectyle Dysfunction: If we were working on erectile dysfunction, a typical approach could be to start with a Tantric Massage session. Then where typically erection happens we would explore what is going on for you in that moment. It might be that we hit upon the cause in that moment, or that there is no cause at all. Sometimes Viagra can be prescribed without any exploration as to the root cause. I personally recommend that if you choose Viagra as a root, that you also spend time exploring whether there is a psychological barrier that could be causing the issue.

Couples: Each couple has different boundaries and different set ups. Some couples would be comfortable with me playing an active role, others would be happy for me to coach a couple directly in that moment and others would prefer to have homework and I leave the room whilst that happens. I am very flexible in my work and approach to respect the boundaries of your relationship. Where I can specifically help, if you gave permission for me to coach, is to lead you through Tantric practices and explore what is going on in each moment. It could be that you have lost the lust and passion in the early days of your relationship. That you want to find a way that you can be intimate and sexual together in a way that works for both of you. It could be that intimacy has disappeared and you want to find a way back. An option could be that I set you a programme of homework to do between sessions to help you both reconnect in positive ways with each other. Sometimes it could be that one of you has had a particular bad experience in life, and this gets in the way of your sexual relationship together. Again I can support you to explore that and to find ways to be with that and to overcome that.

There many different types of sexual issues, different causes for them and different solutions. I think it was Kinsey who said the only thing we can be certain of is that we are all different. So if you don't see an issue listed here that you feel you would like to work on, please do contact me and I would be happy to explore with you if I may be able to help you.

I look forward to the opportunity of being able to help and support you. Thanks Jason :-)

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