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Holiday Companion

Want to go on holiday but don't want to go on your own?

Always dreamed of that tropical island holiday, but had no one to go with?

Well now you don't have to.

Take me with you, your very own Holiday Companion and Tantric Practitioner.

Each day of your holiday, I'll be happy to offer you a 3hr Tantra Session in either the morning or the afternoon. It could be that you use that time to receive luxury and pampering Tantric Massages, or that you'd prefer for me to create your very own Tantra Sessions to explore the many different aspects of Tantra. Click Here to see my private Tantra Tuition programme as a suggestion.

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I'll also be happy to accompany you for evening dinner (I will ask for 1 evening separate per 4 nights). If you have a specific excursion in mind, with mutual agreement, you could trade in your daily tantra session for me to accompany you on that.

Our agreement remains totally confidential between us, and I can present myself to others as you wish, i.e. as a personal friend.

For up to 6 nights, £450 per day, 7 nights and over £375 per day, for over 13 nights £325 per day. This is including travelling days from Bristol, UK to get to your holiday location.

In addition I'll ask you to pay for return travel from my home town in Bristol, UK and for separate accommodation/room in the venue that you are staying. And, I'll ask you for a daily personal allowance of between £50 to £100 per day depending on country and duration of stay to cover meals and other incidental costs. Once verbally agreed, I'll ask you to make upfront payments to secure my time with you. I'd prefer to make my own travel arrangements and am happy for you to make my accommodation bookings.

Please do call or email me to ask any questions or for further information.

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