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Isn’t Tantra Just About Sex?

Video Transcript:

One of the questions I get asked about Tantra is: isn’t it all to do with sex? For me, Tantra is like everything to do with sex and nothing to do with sex, both at the same time. I guess that’s one of the things about Tantra; as a spiritual pathway it’s full of contradictions. It’s this and it’s that at the same time.

So the question around is Tantra everything to do with sex – as I said in some ways it’s nothing to do with sex. That’s because Tantra is a spiritual practice, it’s a journey of personal discovery, it’s about getting to know yourself in very very deep, very profound, very beautiful ways. It’s life changing, absolutely life changing. And yet at the same time it’s everything to do with sex but not in the way you may know sex, in a conventional way.

See in Tantra we use what we call your sexual energy, the thing that makes you aroused, the thing that excites you in sex. Not necessarily to do with the techniques like fucking someone or sucking someone – it’s nothing to do with those. But we do use the things like the arousal and we use that excitement, that sexual energy, and what we do is we combine that with certain Tantra techniques and these take you and open you to very very beautiful, ecstatic, blissful happy places. And that’s why Tantra is everything to do with sex.

The last thought to leave you with is that for me, sex is a metaphor for your day to day life. So what’s happening in your sex is going to be happening in your day to day life and also vice versa. So coming back to that question, well isn’t Tantra everything to do with sex? Actually for me Tantra is everything to do with life. Your life.

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