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Video Transcript:

Hello there, today I’m going to talk to you about chakras. You’ve probably heard everyone mention chakras, and are kind of wondering what they are. In Tantra we believe you have seven different energy centers, some perceive them as lotus flowers some perceive them as disks of energy.

Basically these seven chakras, you can either experience them physically – I feel them physically in my body, in my energy – for some people that don’t believe that, they’re just a good map, they’re just a good reference point. For me the reason why the seven chakras are important is because once you understand them and you understand what they’re about then you can start to play with them, then you can start to bring your awareness to these energy centers and start to play with them and also understand yourself more deeply.

Now where are your seven chakras? The first one is kind of around your cock area that’s the color red and we call that your base chakra and that chakra is all to do with your raw sexual energy like if you ever met somebody and just been absolutely fucking and just letting it go not know don’t even know what their name is and there’s kind of that real raw like sexual energy, well that’s coming from your base chakra. It’s also the place of like physical manifestation so things like you know doing repairs around the house, paying the gas bill, the electric bill, is that doing all of those practical things that’s all going to be coming from that and that center there.

The second chakra is just underneath your belly button it’s called your sacral chakra and it’s orange and this one is all to do with sensuality and also creativity and kind of gut feel intuition so when I talk about sensuality I don’t know if you’ve ever had that sex that kind of lasts a whole weekend and one time you could be fucking the next time you could be making dinner looking into each other’s eyes you could be in the middle of Tesco’s the supermarket and it just feels like you’re making love you’re in this sensuality it’s like well that’s kind of coming from this center here and if any of you watching this are artists or you do something creative it’s going to be coming from this center here and it’s also I talked about the gut feeling like if you ever had that time when you’re like do you know somewhere I get a feeling got a feeling I got nothing to base it on but I get a gut feeling it’s gonna be coming from this center here your sacral center.

The next chakra is above your belly button and it’s called your solar plexus and it’s yellow and this is your power center it’s also the place where your ego identity is so what you’re seeing today what makes me Jason what makes me talk to you in front of the camera is coming from that solar plexus center but it’s also the power to get things done like so often we have dreams we have desires and fantasies that are all coming up here but to manifest them on an earthly plane here on planet Earth you’ve got that power of the solar plexus and that’s coming from that center there.

The next one is in your chest and it’s your heart and it’s color is green or rose pink and this is all to do about love that could be love of next door’s cat, love of a partner, love of your parents, love of a lover, love of the whales in the ocean, love of our planet Earth, it’s all going to be coming from that center there.

The next chakra here this is your throat center your throat chakra and this color is blue and this is your communication center and one of the things not many people know is that all the other four chakras that I’ve just talked about actually are expressed through the throat chakra. So, say you’ve got to write a difficult email to somebody if all that’s going on in your your solar plexus in power how dare you say this wherever I need to let you know how I’m feeling rah rah rah it’s all going to be expressed here out of your communication center. Have you ever had to do a presentation, and you’re doing it and like you’ve done it on one occasion to like a huge audience and this presentation you’re funny, the audience love you, you know your content, and it’s just like a dream, and this is where your throat center is fully in its power and then another time you might have come to do this another time and you’re mumbling, you’re looking at the floor, people are not laughing at your jokes like like they used to, it’s not funny and you just feel like you’re dying on your ass and sometimes that can just be that you’re not in your power with your throat center so all of these all what’s going on down here is being expressed here.

This is why I say in Tantra breath, sound and meeting sensation so the sound for me is like down in your base chakra if you’re having sex and and I really encourage people to make that sound that real deep grunty sound like this really good okay be tell you a bit more about that in a minute.

Next chakra, chakra number six is here, this is your third eye is indigo or purple and this is the place of bright ideas it’s also the place of all your psychic ability and it’s also the ability to see situations in your life for what they really are what truly is going on do you ever kind of have a problem and suddenly get that beam you get that kind of light bulb moment well this is your third eye it’s kind of that information is coming in from out there and the other thing as well is it kind of enables you to like sometimes you’re in a situation in your life I don’t kind of believe this is what’s really going on and this is kind of your third eye telling you may be showing you a truth that’s beyond that so yeah this is all your psychic ability, clairvoyance is all coming in via this center here.

The the last chakra is your crown center a thousand sweet petals and this is where everything from the universe everything you believe in whether it’s a higher part of yourself or whether it’s that you have a belief in everything in the universe is all coming in through this crown center and its color is white and it’s basically what connects your spirit what connects your being to everything – the universe, God, whatever it is that you are connecting with.

So we have these seven different chakras now one of the things you’ll learn in Tantra is that each chakra has like a different note on a piano so down in your base chakra it’s like a sacral heart sorry that solar plexus ah hah hah hah hah hah hah throat third-eye scuse me crowd now why might that be a good thing because typically when you have sex people only ever keep the energy down in their base chakra oh and after 20, 30, 40 years of being in that energy it can get a bit boring and what people don’t realize is that there are seven different types of orgasm 7 you can have several not just one you can have seven different types of orgasm and it’s about using your energy changing the notes changing your breath so imagine you’re being fucked okay today’s a good day you’re being fucked and you’re there if you bring your breath as that’s happening as it’s going on it’s like it goes through your whole body and it’s just like oh my god oh okay kept it excited.

Actually my top tip is to change your breath so that you can have experiences of different kinds of orgasms going through your body the last thing to leave you with I could talk for hours I’m gonna do a weekend workshop eventually about chakras but the the one thing that’s also an important is your chakras are your free consultum so if you start to listen go back to what I was saying about the qualities of each chakra what you can start to do is you can start to ask each chakra different questions so say like am I going to UM I’m thinking of changing job and you can ask each chakra based on the qualities of what I said kind of what it thinks about that and it can be kind of your free consultant really good stuff okay so I just wanted to give you some introductory basic new information about chakras I hope you enjoy this video more from me soon take care bye bye

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