Profound Miracles & Bliss


I never cease to be amazed by the miracles and the profoundness that Tantra has to offer. And I really do mean miracles, things that for me has no visible earthly explanation but yet has all the qualities of something that I do not no see everyday, a miracle.
Yesterday I offered a Bound God session and it is always interesting to observe men's resistance to surrender. When you tell them that I demand they 'give it up' that they let go, I always get that unsure look back. I guess because in our day to day world we are not asked to surrender, to let go.
Normally we are asked to take control, take responsibility, take care, and so I guess it is unusual when in any circumstance that you are instructed to 'let go'. The circumstances I see for me in the world around me, when we have to let go, is in aeroplanes, we are not in control. In lifts, and tubes. Basically anything where someone else is in control. And boy, has that been a struggle for me over the many years. To let go, I was unable to let go so badly that I spent 4 years with a fear of flying and did every single course, therapy, drug and thing to do it. I really understand and get how difficult it can be to let go.
Ecstasy & Bondage
In this session 'Bound God' I always re-enforce that surrender by getting them to repeat back to 'yes Jason' and I often chastise them if they over step anything and take control 'sorry Jason'. What was interesting in yesterday's session was the anger that was present. That the more I demanded control and the more this personal begrudgingly gave it up, the more the potential for magic to happen. As I flogged him, spanked him, I mixed it with encouraging deep breath and light sensual touch. Encouraging him to to breath, to express in sound as shimmers of ecstasy wavered up his body in pulse after pulse. Aaaaaaaahhhhhhh to express the beauty in this vulnerability, that is a beautiful thing.
And after that plateau'd the next phase was the integration of the sexual energy. Sexual energy on top of vulnerability, mixed with a surrendered body has the potency for something magical. As he squirmed, shuddered, screamed, moaned and whimpered in delight as orgasmic wave after orgasmic wave shot through his body like electricity, as he was edged after edged after edged, breathing, gasping, tensing and then releasing. Breathing higher, visualisations together with my channelled energy into his chakra points, he stood no chance of resistance. It continue to build in these cycles for atleast 30 mins and then all of sudden the energy got so high and all of a sudden he went limp. Complete surrender taking the energy to the highest part out of the crown chakra, he was 'out of body'.


I let him there for 5 minutes whilst I challenged beautiful high vibration energy into his human body, and it was in that moment, the nothingness, the complete nothingness, a place of enlightened consciousness, in that moment – profound Bliss – a vibration and state of the universe.


And as if that wasn't enough as I started to stroke him lovingly back into his body. As I started to take command of the energy for his return journey, still channelling the energy through my hands I placed it onto his sacral centre. He shuddered in his body and his breathing increased, and he began to sob. Uncontrollably at first and the he tried to take control of it, it was shameful to cry? I re-assured him, held him, encouraged the release and he continued to sob. After all that was expressed, he smiled through his tears and said “I saw the sun”, and the way in which he said that was as if the whole universe has showed itself to him. The profound miracle of this work never ceases to amaze me. Never ceases to amaze me.
And as he was leaving, he was still shaking, and he utterly moved. He said thank you for this experience that he had never had before. Imagen that, a Tantra Session can show you the sun.
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