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A Tantric Game for You to Try at Home

Video Transcript:

Hello there, I’m Jason Tantra and welcome to my video this time. What I’ve got for you this time round is a Tantric Game. So this is going to be something I really encourage you to try out at home. At first glance it might sound really simple but as you get into this game you’ll then notice that there’s some complexities and there’s some things to consider and chances to take and so it can be a really good thing – I’ll tell you about the game in a minute. But in my Tantra workshops that I teach, residential or at festivals, for me the idea of a Tantric game or Tantric ritual is really good because it helps you to do things that you typically haven’t done before. Like when we think about when we connect with somebody intimately we can follow what I call the ‘same sex script’ where we do things each time, we kiss, we suck, we fuck, game is over, half an hour if you’re lucky, job done and you’re kind of feeling ‘was I ever touched in any of that’ or ‘did I really feel satisfied’, ‘did I ever feel that we met?’. For me one of the reasons why you’d bring in different Tantric games or rituals is it’s about exploring stuff that you haven’t done before, so that’s new, and when you do something new you’re slightly vulnerable as you don’t know how it’s going to go, but there for me is the potential for magic to happen. When you’re doing something that you haven’t done before there is the potential that something magical can happen, something unusual, something that’s going to make you go ‘aaaaaah’ or something that’s going to touch you in a way that’s very deep and very very beautiful.

Now this Tantric game that I’ve got for you this time you can either be doing that with a very long term partner, maybe you’ve been with the same person for 50 years, or it could be someone you met 5 minutes ago and anything else in between, it really doesn’t matter. If you’re looking for somebody to meet that you want to play this game with, have a look on my website and on there is a free social network with 1500+ men all over the world. So what I’m trying to say is there are no excuses for you not meeting somebody to play this game with, there’s going to be someone somewhere whether you have your own partner, husband, lover, you use a social media app you use my social network you’ve got many different ways of meeting people.

And the first thing that you can need for this game is the intention to want to do it to want to. Give it a go because sometimes it’s nice to hear good ideas but the way to follow those through and to have the experience is about making a commitment to actually doing it.

Okay so you know my invitation, and it’s only an invitation, is about making the commitment to follow this through and it’s what you first of all would need to do is make the preparations I mention that in my videos and one of my previous videos like the best tantric date I talked about setting the room up candles music and other things that you might want to have on hand so cover watch of that video if you want someone do of how to set up that country folks.

Then you’re going to start with just standing with your partner or partners, actually this game can also be really good the more people that are involved so can work ways that over one other partner when you can have many but the point that I want to make here is starting with some eye connection just gazing into the eyes of this person or persons.

And one of you is choosing that it’s going to be you that are starting off and what you were doing if it’s you is you’re starting to name your request. Okay so what you’re doing is you’re feeling into your body and you’re kind of asking for things that you would like to experience it would like the other person to do.

And you know sex often happens really unconsciously and there isn’t very often a conversation about the type of sex that we’re going to have all the type of things that you’re going to do and so what the beauty is in this ritual is that it starts to make verbal you’re starting to have the things that you would like.

Now I got no doubt that you’re going to feel shy you’re going to feel uncomfortable but it might either be the very first time in your life they’ve actually made a verbal request for something that you would like to happen and that’s kind of special be like wow because as I said sex happens so unconsciously.

So my top tip in touch start slowly start with something gentle like I’d really love it if you would kiss my neck okay kiss my neck and I really love it if you would stroke my cheek.

But actually this game can increase in intensity where you can ask for absolutely anything you want just feel that you could ask absolutely anything that you are there are no limits other than anything illegal or anything that is kind of consensual and safe you can absolutely ask for.

And that suddenly gives you a freedom and a permission to go into your hands to go into your imagination and start thinking about maybe you know you watched porn films and things do things that you’ve always wanted to try out, or you have felt things in your body that you would love to experience or there’s a particular part of your body that you would love to be touched on that you just never were able to are well this game actually gives you permission for all of those things.

And what happens is as you’re making your request that you’re verbalizing like that I would really love it if you were able to do blah blah blah blah or XYZ you’re actually starting to free yourself up that’s kind of like a liberation in it there’s like a freedom that actually helps you to just feel more expanded more broader more open and to me that is the spiritual practice.

Spiritual practice of Tantra in this game is to bring to your awareness your desires your wishes experiences that you would like to have to have the freedom of being able to voice those without expectation that is the spectral part of this game without expectation.

So just the fact of coming up with saps and see that idea that thing you always wanted and being able to verbalize it to say that and the second part is about not having any expectation of whether that’s going to be met and you can let go of that but it’s the experience of having named what you want and being with that there is the gold here.

Now life is life’s okay so what I mean by that is you may have named your thing around I’d really love it if you would kiss me or I might be I really would love it if you would pin me down not hug me it could be really anything in that broad spectrum but it’s up to your partner whether they feel that they are able to give that to you when I say partner could be one you’ve known for 50 years once is known for five minutes and anything else in between and they may feel yeah I could do that for you that’s okay and with the love in my heart that I can do it and they would then be able to go in and do it.

But what happens okay when you’ve made a request and they’re like actually I kind of I don’t feel comfortable doing that that’s a no for me or it’s certainly not a yes it may be but actually I’m feeling it is a no and it’s like what do you do with that how do you not going to feeling rejected okay and feeling like feeling rejected and how does your partner that no ways not going to doing things to make you happy and forgetting themselves.

And these are the two things I think – to watch out for in this game and one of the things I asked in my workshops is imagine that you’re in a intimate practice with somebody and there was somebody touching you and they really really really did not want tragedy is not feel able to touch you and they felt physically sick physically ill and it’s like how would you feel that something would still almost abuse themselves to go through and touch you and the response I normally get is oh no nobody want that or I really only want somebody to touch me that feels like they really want to touch me then they really want to do that.

And so for me there’s be I think all the adult channels the adult part of you that sites not everybody on this planet is gonna want to touch you but there’s going to be people all over the world that do want to touch you and it’s going to be to certain people that are going to want to do certain things with you and other people that are going to want to not do certain things with you and for me this is called life this is life that’s just the way it is backed by loitering and you don’t know you’re taking this in making your wish is making your request you don’t know what the reply is going to be.

But the object of the exercise is not start kicking things you know that the other person might because that’s just to control but to really listen to your family really is intuition and to voice those and to hear back whether that be yet all whether that’s to know now rather than saying no okay and that’s the end of it.

I talked about like negotiation or talk about compliment so say you asked them to kiss your neck as an example and they were like you know sir I just don’t feel comfortable doing that you could actually could actually then come up with an alternative that they could offer you so for example rather than kissing your neck may be that you’re able to stroke your cheek and so to me it’s not about finishing the game because it was a no it’s about actually negotiating and finding something today it’s consensual for both of you.

Now the other thing to watch out here is you’re the person that’s doing the giving what I really encourage you to do is to really feel into yourself when you hear the request about whether that seems like a yes to you and that you’re able to do it great then go ahead and do that but if it feels like a no sometimes we can get through them when we say no such as we say no to this they must be end and we’ve got a runaway and as humans we are really not good to say no often.

Im going to do definitely a future video on that to help you around them but the idea here is that you can say actually I’m not able to do this for you but instead what I can do is XYZ as a compromise as something that you feel a yes to.

Now in this video giving you very very gentle examples but actually this can go as far as you feel able to as I said you know you can play this with one you can play this game with many what I recommend is that you have at least half an hour okay it’s half an hour of asking for and making your requests to your partner this game can go anywhere.

So if you get any questions you can pop an email to and I’m very happy to answer this video so this is give this tantric game go make a commitment to try out over the next week.

I hope you enjoy it let me know how you get on and I’ll be in such as very soon take care.

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